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At Desert Service Pros, we are dedicated to providing companies with professional cleaning and maintenance services. Whether it’s your parking lot or a construction site project, we ensure that it is completed with the highest standards and the utmost attention.

Parking Lot/ Street Sweeping

People always consider the cleanliness of an establishment whenever they go shopping. It’s important for the external parts of a business to be as neat and orderly as the interior. At Desert Service Pros, we work hard to ensure that your street, parking lot, and other outside areas look great.

It is crucial to keep the outdoor areas of your property clean and free from clutter. To prevent debris from entering waterways through storm drains, it is necessary to reduce the amount of debris that falls. In some cases, the sweeper operator may need to make multiple passes over the same area to ensure that all debris, whether caused by wind, construction traffic or extreme weather, is removed thoroughly and completely.

Parking Lot Striping

If you need professional parking lot striping in the Phoenix Metropolitan area, Desert Service Pros is fully equipped to handle any job. We partner with businesses of all kinds to ensure their parking lot stripes comply with fire codes and ADA regulations. We take pride in our attention to detail to guarantee the best parking lot line striping. This ensures happy customers and no callbacks. 

Power Washing

We provide professional power washing and cleaning services to our commercial clients. We can meet your pressure washing needs if you are in the construction, manufacturing, or retail industries. We can meet your pressure washing needs.

Our services include mobile high-pressure washing, steam cleaning, and general cleanup. We use industry-standard equipment to deliver top-quality results consistently.

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